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Mixing Strobes and Speedlights on Location

Join host Joe Brady as he takes a single Bowens Gemini monolight on location and runs it with a small, yet powerful, battery pack. \ Bowens


Make Exceptional Landscapes Happen

Landscape Photography can be challenge for even the best digital camera. You need to use the full dynamic range of your camera and protect those all-important highlights that often make the shot. \ Sekonic


Creating a “Talking Senior Portrait” with Stills and Video

All of today’s cameras and smartphones feature video capture. Why is this important to a portrait photographer? Join host Joe Brady as he shows you how to incorporate video into a portrait shoot and make some money doing it. \ Sekonic, Benro


Basic Off-Camera Flash for Environmental Portraits

Adding the right amount of flash to your outdoor portraits can help to transform ordinary snapshots into great results. \ PocketWizard


Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits

While natural light can be wonderful for portraits, adding some off-camera flash can fill in shadows, shape the face and add a beautiful catch-light to the subject’s eyes. This simple addition can change a portrait from “Ok” to “Wow”! \ Sekonic


Color Perfection for Mobile Devices

In our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their color accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast color perfectionists alike to get unrivaled color accuracy on their mobile devices. Show your TRUE colors – anywhere and everywhere you are! \ X-Rite


Portrait Style with Aperture and Lens

Many photographers prefer to capture portraits based on a certain look and depth-of-field to create a sense of softness. This approach can produce beautiful results when you have a clear understanding of how the lens focal length, aperture and size of the subject in the frame effects what is in focus and what is not. You may like to think your favorite aperture is f/4, but what does that really mean as you change lenses and the distance to the subject? \ Sekonic


Webinar: Beautiful Portraits with Continuous Light

They run hot, the color spectrum is off, and the light is uneven from continuous light kits—isn't it? Don't you need to use studio strobes for beautiful portraits? If you thought that was the case, you'll be surprised to see how continuous lights can be both beautiful and easy to use. \ Sekonic


Webinar: Easy Four-Light Portrait Studio

Few things interrupt a portrait session more than having to stop in the middle of a great flow to add and subtract lights! Join host Joe Brady as he sets up a four-light studio that can be controlled right from the top of a camera with the help of PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers. \ PocketWizard


Webinar: Get Consistently Great Color Prints from Your Lab

If you're ever disappointed with the prints you get back from your lab, chances are you have a problem with your color workflow and calibration. This webinar sponsored by X-Rite and Nations Photo Lab demonstrates how easy it can be to get prints with consistently great color and tone. \ X-Rite



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